The Media Committee of “Al-Eslah” Launches the " Mercy " campaign to spread the morals of the Prophet Peace be upon him

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Women's work with "Al-Eslah" Launches the Ethical Values Campaign "Crown"

  • 15 July 2021

The Department of Women’s Work at Al-Eslah Society is launching the Ethical Values Campaign under the title “Crown”, a qualitative national campaign that seeks to promote the authentic Islamic and social values of the Bahraini girl and educate the community about the campaigns of distraction and distortion of the public taste of the Bahraini society and an attempt to destroy its morals and virtuous Islamic values of modesty, concealment, chastity...

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NO (211) - 2018/06/04

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Abdullah Abdulrahman
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Surah Tabarak

Anyone who adheres to the pace of the reform society and does not deviate from the role assigned to it, will trust that it will continue to present this society to any kind of slack, extremism, or any of its long history of more than 75 years in the service of religion and homeland.

Sheikh Isa bin Mohammed Al Khalifa - may God have mercy on him -

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